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San Diego County’s premier tree-care services since 2005. We provide ongoing property maintenance which includes Building Clearance, Crown Clean, Crown thin, Crown Reduction, Hazard Pruning, & more. We Are Your Local Premier Tree Care Service Company With Certified Arborist On Staff. We cover all Southern California

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Building Clearance

This is by cutting all tree branches away from any structure by 3 to 4 feet to prevent animals such as (Possums and rats) from getting up in the roof or attic of the buildings. This will help the residents not lose any sleep at night from any of those critters that would create so much noise. Besides, by doing this we extend the life of the paint, life of the rain gutters and the life of the structure.

Crown Clean

Crown cleaning a tree safely removes any defects, such as weak branches, hung up branches or broken limbs. We highly recommend that you have your trees “crown cleaned” if there are in area of high usage below the canopy i.e: parks, schools, thoroughfares, play areas etc… Crown cleaning can also allow a better inspection of the structural integrity of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Need more light in your garden? Are branches drooping too low and interfering with daily life? Perhaps your trees could benefit from crown thinning or lifting.

Thinning the crown involves the removal of up to approximately 20% of the branches throughout the entire canopy, without changing the shape or proportions of the trees crown. This allows increased light levels to filter through the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reducing a tree involves lightly thinning out the top of a trees canopy. Do not mistake this for tree topping. Topping is NOT a recommended pruning method and should be avoided. A proper crown reduction will reduce the overall crown height and canopy, without altering branch integrity.

This type of pruning minimized storm damage, and reduces the chances that larger taller trees from falling or uprooting in a storm.

Crown Raise

Crown Raising a tree involves elevating or cutting the lower limbs of a tree canopy. This type of pruning is usually done to achieve visibility, or to allow lawn mowers to be able to mow grass underneath without a tree limb in the way, or anything else such as cars and people to be able to pass underneath the trees canopy.

Elevating the low limbs on a tree can also allow for structure or clearance pruning as described below.

Hazard Pruning

Are you worried about a tree on your property? Trees, though appearing stable and strong, can be quite fragile. If pests have penetrated into the bark, they could be eating away at it from the inside. Could allow rot to spread to the trunk, severely compromising the tree’s health and stability. Strange or imbalanced growth could also contribute to stability issues. If all three are present, collapse is imminent.

Stump Removals

When trees or shrubs become damage or die due to damage by insects, disease or natural disasters they become unsightly and need to be removed. SoCal Tree Care INC can assess your stump removal needs and make your yard or landscaping more appealing by removing unnecessary damaged tree remnants.

Because we are certified arborists, we know the dangers that come with stump removal and always recommend you let a professional perform the removal. When customers contact us for a stump removal, we utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to safely and effectively remove the stump and all the remaining roots.

Tree Removals

SoCal Tree Care INC specializes in providing outstanding tree removal service for our customers. Escondido, CA and the surrounding areas have many trees. When we assess our customers trees, we share the common goal of caring for healthy trees. We do not like to recommend taking a tree down unless it is absolutely necessary.

If a tree is an imminent threat to people or nearby structures such as a house, we will surely recommend eradication. Our arborists will provide excellent tree assessments, and offer the best advice for tree care, removal, and stump removal.


When it comes to maintaining your landscape whether it's grass, plants, installing turf, or anything. Ongoing care is by far the most important aspect of the process.

We realize that this can be a considerable investment on your part and that there are various difficulties that go along with caring for any property. That's why we customize every landscape according to your unique requirements and your budget


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SoCal Tree Care Inc. is a company with over 20 years of tree business in the Escondido, CA area. Our work is based on being able to work with the best quality standards to carry out the projects. SoCal Tree Care Inc. is a full-service tree care company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We believe in having one handle the job from its the realization on your property. SoCal Tree Care Inc. is made up of a group of highly skilled tree professionals who pays a lot of attention to small details.




After Completing our Form or Survey. We will contact you regarding your interest in working with us.


After having our first conversation, we will arrange an appointment in person or virtual.


After we inspect the job and have all the details. We will propose a deal where we both have an agreement.


Once a Deal is closed and job is secured. We will be on our way to Build your Dream Home!





"Turned impossible to possible "

"Vicente is amazing! I gave him what I thought was an impossible task and he came through in a big way. I had gotten my drone stuck 60 ft up in the small branches at the top of a tree. I didn't think he could retrieve it undamaged but that's exactly what he did. Thank you Vicente and So Cal Tree Care!"

-Paul V.

"Very Clean & Professional"

"SoCal Tree Care---Vicente Cortez has provided us with excellent service more than 10 times. Site left very clean after tree removal. They have spotters and take the job seriously. Always very responsive to all phone calls."

-Heather W.

"Punctual & Accountable"

"We had several trees that needed to be trimmed. Vicente and crew did a great job! They arrived on time, completed the job quickly and cleaned up all the debris upon completion. Before leaving, Vicente made sure that everything had been done to our satisfaction. Highly recommend-we will use again for future tree trimming."

-Christine C.

"Amazing Quality & Affordable Pricing"

"I was referred to Vicente at SoCal by a professional property management company that they consistently do great work for at low prices. Vicente came out to our HOA community and was very professional and provided an in depth plan and bid to remove about 40yards + of overgrown bamboo which required a bobcat to do. We got several bids from top rated yelp company's which mostly came in in excess of 10k. Vicente came in with the lowest bid and the best plan. Thanks Vicente for everything!"

-Carlos C.




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San Diego, California

By: SCTC Services LLC

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